Sunday, August 1, 2010

Paper Chain

Paper Chain

Claire² is a collaborative duo I am one half of with my good friend, Claire Canham. We are currently hosting a collage project called Paper Chain.

Paper Chain has been running since April this year and started as an experiment on Facebook. At present there are 24 active participants and the FB group has 82 members (made up of active & interested parties).

We are interested in the concept of networking/connecting and the physicality and joy of receiving mail. A project where people who are friends, aquaintences and strangers interact online, materially and in their creative capacities.

All participants make and receive a collage through the postal service. As there has been plenty of interest and we thought it might be nice to display the work being produced to more than just Facebook users, we recently launched a blog for Paper Chain.

We have a broad definition of collage for this project, and though paper is in the title it is not necessary that the work is made out of paper. We have had people express interest in doing collage with sound, video, textile, and many other materials. We are really looking forward to seeing the many interpretations of what collage means.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Paper Chain and maybe even joining please visit:

the Paper Chain
Paper Chain FB group