Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Artperth & some quick news

I'm back from England and almost back to usual routine. I caught a hideous flu the evening before we left which made the flight home that extra bit longer. Then I was in bed for a week when I got home with larangytis & a chesty cough. I'm almost over it but that cough is hanging on.

I had a wonderful time in England and when I'm feeling a bit better (which will hopefully be soon!) I will share some images and tell you a little about my trip. But for now... I just wanted to let everyone know that the lovely peeps at Artperth.com have posted up a PDF version of my interview with Zoe Barry which is now downloadable.

Also, if you haven't visited Artperth before, I recommend that you do, it is a great place to explore and discover some wonderful Perth talent and find out what's on around the state, so check it out.

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