Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Beast for Thee

I'm going to be part of an upcoming exhibition at The Oats Factory called Beast for Thee during October.

Maria Hildrick, Stereotypy 2 (Sunbear), 2011. Mixed media on canvas.

Beast for Thee
8 October - 30 October
The Oats Factory

Animals can equally inspire our love and our fear. They act as our companions, protectors, labourers and provide us with sport. We have caged them, cooked them and we have worshipped them. We associate some human behaviours with the animal, often behaviours we would prefer to see as 'other' than human... and some behaviours that we long to allow in ourselves forgetting that we are part of that same 'kingdom'.

Beast for Thee features work by four artists currently based in Western Australia, Claire Bushby, Claire Canham, Maria Hildrick and William Wernham. The artists came together to explore this many layered relationship between humans and animals, from their own individual viewpoints and through a variety of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, collage and small scale 3d works.

Stay tuned for more about this show...

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