Saturday, January 21, 2012

Last night I dreamed I was dreaming of you...

Last Wednesday I made a Facebook status update, "Last night I dreamed I was dreaming of you...".

The line is from a Tom Waits song, "Watch Her Disappear". That single line has been whirling about my mind, in that way that songs occasionally haunt you with some past truth you couldn't properly articulate.

On Friday, my friend and brilliant artist behind Doublethink Design, Chiara Adams posted on my Facebook wall that she had created an artwork (below) based on my status update. I don't know whether she was familiar with the origin of the line but I was blown away by how eloquently she had expressed it. Like that strange uncanny feeling I was having had just been given it's full voice. Thankyou so much Chiara.

Last night I dreamed I was dreaming of you, Chiara Adams. Graphite and watercolour. 2011.
Go find out more and follow Chiara Adam's fantastic work at these links:
Doublethink Design
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on Tumblr

Tom Waits - Watch Her Disappear

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