Monday, February 20, 2012

Ends and Beginnings


This month I've been busily packing my studio in Midland and moving it all to my new studio in Leederville. It is a little sad to say goodbye to Midland, my first 'real' studio, and the room where I've been creating work for almost two years.

It's been a ritual of mine to take one photograph of the town hall across the road, the view from my window, as the first thing I did each time I entered the room. I took my last photo on Saturday and felt a pang of sadness when I realised this was goodbye. I feel very grateful for the time spent in that room looking across at that clock who seemed such a friendly face keeping me company.

I've documented my view from the Midland studio window at

But with one ending comes two new beginnings. My new studio in Leederville is in a building called The Ward, plus I will also be embarking on a Masters degree starting from next week.

The Ward is a former maternity hospital and is an interesting building, my room has no corners - I mean the corners are all rounded instead of squared! There will be a diverse range of creatives working from this place and I am very excited to be part of the first wave of artists moving in to The Ward.

Here are a few pictures.

Leederville Studio

Leederville Studio

Leederville Studio

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  1. Claire - I really enjoyed looking at the photos from you studio window - the clouds, the difference when the electrical line was removed from the shots, the sheer beauty of the building! I frequently park in those very spots, so I was watching closely to see if my car was there! Alas, it was not, but a familiar, comforting spot to me - thanks for that!
    Miriam G