Thursday, November 29, 2012

If you think it is better to try stealing the painting now, turn to page 16.

Temporary installation by Claire² outside The Ward Studios.
590 Newcastle Street, Leederville, WA.

Claire² were asked by Artsource to create temporary artwork to attract attention from the Newcastle/Loftus Street frontage of The Ward Studios for an open day held on the 25th of November. This work is to be on display for as long as it stays in place (depending on the durability of materials, weather and possible theft!)

This work includes large hand coloured grids, alphabetised movable location points, QR and Morse Code and a six metre vinyl digital print.

As in their previous “Txt Msg” project, for this work Claire² continues to explore coded language and utilise the digital aesthetic of pixilation and gridded networks while drawing comparisons to the patterns used in textile production. Hand coloured grid panels blend traditional embroidery sampler text/iconography with text based emoticons and the abbreviated language of internet slang.

The six metre vinyl digital print is layered with a map of the local area sourced from Google maps, a historical hand drawn map (courtesy of the City of Vincent Local History Centre) and a computer generated cross stitch pattern, based on the Leederville Google maps image.

A location pointer alphabet populates the garden, referencing the “pins” on Google maps. These location points are movable and we encourage people to change the arrangement of these points. So next time you are driving by feel free to stop and play with the red alphabet points.

Words by Claire² = Bushby + Canham

Claire² would like to acknowledge the generous support of Fitzgerald Photo Imaging, North Perth.

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  1. Oh bummer. I was just near there yesterday. Not too worry... I'm down that neck of the woods often enough. Looking forward to experiencing it in 'real' life.

  2. We've lost the front, title panel already to either the winds of the last couple of days or someone who decided it was best to steal the painting now! I hope it is up in someones room now :)