Monday, January 26, 2009

Tea, bags and tea bags

From Bear among bees

Well I've changed my blog title, address and look today! I was feeling pretty indecisive about bear and the bee as a title, so I've been playing about with the words all week and came up with Bear among bees... A matter of a couple of words difference but somehow it just sounds more... interesting... more active perhaps?

I've been making a handbag for a friend, it is a surprise present, she doesn't yet know I have a blog so I can talk about it here. It has tea bags in a rainbow of colours embroidered on the sides, and a tea cup on the inside pocket. We like tea, actually I like tea so much I've done two photo series' based on the intimacy of sharing a cuppa with someone, but that is another story.

From Bear among bees

Anyway I got the tea bag & cup motifs from the Sublime Stitching book (mentioned in a previous blog) and it is coming along very well.

I've been stitching every evening after work this week. After a long period of having not stitched I was a bit out of practice. I guess it's like riding a bike after not riding for a while. At first you might be a bit wobbly but the memory of 'how to' comes back pretty quickly.

I often come home from work grumpy and it is not that I don't like my job, I'm just tired and ungrounded... time is not my own at work but I've noticed coming home to a short stitch on the couch (with a cup of tea of course!) has done wonders for my mood this week.

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